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15. Jul, 2017
So you have been Relaxing your hair for years and enjoying the convenience of managing your relaxed hair but after a while you realize your hair is not growing as fast or as healthy as you want. You are tired of the breakage, damage and thinning from the use of Relaxer and now you are ready to shave your entire hair and start afresh with growing out your natural hair OR maybe you just want to go back to waering your Natural hair as a preference.
If this sounds like you, then you need not worry any longer. Transitioning from Relaxed hair to Natural hair is not as difficult or complicated as the popular belief
Following these steps below, you will now be able to transition from Relaxed hair to your Natural hair at ease without having to shave your entire hair and start all over again.
Understanding Chemically Relaxed Hair: 
When we apply Relaxer to the Natural hair, hair bonds are altered to change the formation of the hair structure, this change allows curly hair to straighten or loosen up permanently. Due to the effect of broken bonds within the cortex, the natural hair's keratin is negatively affected, causing damage to the structure of the hair, which is why a protein treatment is required right after a chemical relaxer process, to give hair strength and integrity.
Once Natural hair has been chemically processed it becomes prone to breakage, porosity and dryness. You can not treat chemically relaxed hair the same way you would treat natural hair. You will need a different regimen and products to care for your chemically relaxed hair.
Recommended Products:
Shampoo & Conditioner (Sulphate and Paraben Free)
Sulphate Shampoo (For occassionl deep cleansing)
Protein Treatment
Fast Hair Growth Recipe
Wide Tooth Comb
The most important is a Protein Treatment. When hair goes from natural to chemically processed hair, it becomes susceptible to breakage because the keratin found in natural hair is badly affected once hair has been chemically altered. In order to keep your hair strong and healthy, a protein treatment is required once or twice a month, depending on how frequent your hair needs it.
How do you know when you need a protein treatment?
When hair is limp or feels weak, this is usually an indication that you require a protein treatment to restore strength back to Chemically relaxed Hair.
Now that we have established the usefulness of a protein treatment on chemically relaxed hair (CRH). Lets move to the next step.
How To Transition From CRH to Natural Hair
So now you want to stop relaxing your hair and wish to grow out your natural hair. You are thinking, it's time for the Big Chop.... Not so fast!
Chemically processed hair does not have to be cut off according to popular beliefs. You can easily grow out your natural hair while still maintaining your previously CPH.
Using the listed products above, you will need to treat your hair very gently.
When your natural hair begins to grow in, it will seem unflattering as the texture will look very different from the Relaxed hair texture. Now is the time to ensure that your previously relaxed hair is properly treated with with more care to avoid breakage.
1) Wash your hair with a sulphate and paraben free shampoo once every 7 or 12 days. 
For thoroug clarifying of the scalp to remove product build up, Use a Sulphate Shampoo once in 4 to 6 weeks.
2) Apply protein treatment to previous Relaxed hair once every 3 or 4 weeks for strength
(We recommend Aphogee 2 mins reconstructor or Redken cat treatment because they are very effective)
3) Always apply a Leave-in Conditioner after shampooing and conditioning your hair.
4) Avoid using hot styling tools like Blowdryer, Flat iron or Curling iron frequently on hair, instead Air Dry your hair as much as possible.
5) Keep your hair protected by wearing protective styles (weaves, cornrows, or wigs) and avoid hair styles that pull tightly on the edges. Be gentle with your hair.
6) Apply HJorganic Fast Hair Growth Recipe 2-3 times a week on scalp and hair length for  faster hair growth and healthy hair
7) Dust your ends by taking off less than a quater every 3 or 4 months using very sharp Scissors (this can be done easily by twisting your hair in 6-8 sections and snipping of the thin tips of your twist out)
8) Before combing hair, ensure to use a wide tooth comb and spritz some water to moisten hair, gently detangle the the ends of your hair to remove any hidden knots.
Or Spritz your hair with water and apply a small portion of HJorganic to your hair lengths and gentle detangle from tips to roots.
By following these steps, you will not only keep your entire hair and scalp in healthy condition, your hair will look beautiful, thicker and lusterous and before you know it your Natural hair will grow out healthy and supple without you having to hide a Chopped off hair under a Hat or Wig for a long period.
Got a question? share it with us for tailored advice.
18. Jul, 2016

Ever wonder why some ladies seem to have it all rosy and good when it comes to hair? Perhaps you are one of the many people who covet your next door neighbour's hair or a collegue at work. Either way when it comes to having that "all good" hair we often fantasize about, we forget that the most important factor required is Hair Nourishment.

So what does it really mean to nourish the hair? 

I am happy to share a few tips with you on how to nourish your hair. I guarantee that you too will become that perfect haired girl after putting to practice my tips.

Washing & Conditioning

Washing your hair is one thing but washing your hair the right way is a major thing. It is important to select the right Shampoo and conditioner. It is best to put your hair type into consideration. However, using shampoos that contain Sulphate, Paraben or Alcohol will naturally dry out your hair and make it difficult to retain moisture. It is important to select a gentle cleansing shampoo that does not contain those chemicals to allow for a gentle and thorough cleansing of your hair when dirty.

As for Conditioners, this is the seconnd and last part during the cleansing process of your hair. Depending on the state of your hair. If your hair is feeling weak, limp or dehydrated, you should use a fortifying conditioner for strength and a little bit of mositurizing conditioner for moisture replenishment. 

Some might find it difficult to know the state of their hair, but I advice that you observe your hair in front of a mirrior and ask your hair, What is it you need right now? Feel your hair with your hand and listen. if its dry and limp, it is saying "I want moisture and protein togther" If it's stubborn and very dry, then it is saying ''I want just Moisture" ......

Dry Your Hair with Nature's Fresh Air

I know this tip might be somewhat unacceptable to some but I always encourage balance. There are times you will need to quickly blowdry and style your hair right away, if that is the case, make sure you apply a Heat Prtector Serum before blowdrying to protect your hair from heat.

So now back to Air drying. Did you know that there are many ways you can Air dry your hair into various styles? just to name a few, you can use flexible rods to roll in your hair, spray a leave-in conditioner on your hair shaft, roll and patiently wait for it to dry, you can also put your hair into two stranded twist and spray in a leave-in conditioner and Air dry. These styles allow your hair to have nice curls and movement without fussing too much. In that way you avoid heat damage, you get to allow your hair preserve the moisture from your conditioner and lastly you get to wear your hair into a natually beautiful style without too much hassle. Don't you think so?


Lastly, Say Goodnight to Your Hair

How do you go to sleep at night? Do you get so tired and jump into bed with your hair left out or exposed. We all know that tossing and turning is an inevitable act during sleep, so if we know this why do we make it a habit to sleep off without giving our hair a goodnite tuck in?

There are various ways we can tuck in our hair before bed. Some experts will advice using a silk cap to protect your hair, that may not work for everyone,  either way, a simple protective styling before bed is highly recommended. you might need a simple few corn-rows or twist or a simple tie-up and tuck in. depending on your hair length. But never say goodnight without tucking in that hair first. Not only will you prevent your hair from smearing oils on your pillow case and the long term effect of dry and damaged hair, you also get to wake up with a hair that is easy to style and go.

So here are the three simple effective tips on how to nourish your hair the right way while using our Fast Hair Growth Recipe. 

Got any additional tips that works for you? why not share with us!

10. Mar, 2016

When it comes to styling  African hair, it is common to observe that a lot of ladies find it difficult to work thier hair. Did you know that African hair can be styled in so many ways, but ofcourse the foundation of every glamorous hair style begins with super healthy hair, without a healthy head of hair, there will be lack of motivation to wear your hair in various amazing styles. Amongst one of the many ways you can style your hair, is a smooth blow dry with a bit of bounce. Follow these simple steps to to blow dry your hair like a pro. Ready? Lets go!

Step one: Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo and condition your hair, ensure your shampoo and conditioner are rich in moisture and protein. Towel dry your hair until every drop of water is soaked out. Apply a heat protector spray or lotion from ends to roots.

Step Two: Get a Round Brush

The most important tool required to give you big and bouncy hair is a round brush. Nothing gives the perfect volume (body) like a round brush. A blowout using a round brush allows your hair to not only straighten out but gives added waves or movement to your hair.

Step Three: Get a Blow-dryer

Section your hair into four parts and clip in place. From one of the four parts, take a small section and wrap  around your round brush, switch on your blowdryer and rotate the brush within your hair slowly until your hair is completely dry. Allow hair to cool for 15 seconds before removing your round brush from your hair section.Take another section and repeat the process throughout entire hair.

Step Four: Style-out

Take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair into your desired style. Depending on your hair length, you can wear it to the sides, the front, the center, which ever your preferred option might be. Don't forget to apply a small amount of our Organic Fast Hair Growth Cream for a perfect finishing.

If you are unable to carry out this technique on your own, give yourself a treat by visiting a  professional stylist; ensure to request for a Round brush blow-dry. It does not cost much.

Do you have any questions about your styling your hair? Ask your questions in the comment section below.

8. Feb, 2016

One frequent question We get all the time from Clients during consultations is "my hair has broken off in front, at the sides or in the middle, I have tried different products but nothing seems to be working, what am I doing wrong? So We have decided to share with everyone and anyone who might be struggling with finding the right answers to this question. Read on

There are several reasons why your hair is breaking and as you are going through the listed reasons you might be able to identify with one or two of the reasons and take the right actions to make changes.


Tight Hair Xtensions; Include Ghana Weaving, Tight braids & Twist, Lace wigs with glue, Very Tight plats.

For  so many years, hair extensions have become the addiction of many African women; while it is a trend and an enhancement of the physical appearance, it is common knowledge that if your hair is constantly being pulled and handled tightly on a regular basis, your hair will begin to lose its strength and luster, leaving you with brittle and damaged hair and edges. So in order to keep your hair strong and healthy, We advice you select gentle hairstyles that will not require you to strain your scalp regularly and allows you to protect your edges from damage. It is also very important to ensure that your stylist has very gentle hands, as we all know, aggressive hands on hair will cause severe scalp pain which can cause hair to break or fall out.

Harsh Chemical Relaxers; Chemical relaxers when selected and applied professionally can provide great benefits for your hair because it makes the hair manageable and sleek; so much so that it has become an addiction to so many users and caution is no longer taken. You might wonder how often you should touch up your roots, We recommend you do so 2-3 times a year. If you are already using HJ Organic fast hair growth cream, you should be finding your hair very soft and  may only desire a re-touch once or twice a year. It is important to select a mild or regular relaxer to avoid irritation of scalp as well as hair damage. We recommend following the instructions on the Relaxer Brand you are using and most importantly allow your hair a few days to rest and recover after your Relaxer process. Applying a good deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner will quickly help restore moisture and strength back to your hair. A good leave-in conditioner should be applied to your hair every time you Shampoo and condition your hair.

Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner (S&C); During cleansing, hair loses moisture and requires a conditioner to restore the moisture. If your shampoo and conditioner is not making a positive contribution to your hair it means that your S&C is drying out your hair and adding to your hair breakage. We recommend you purchase a shampoos and conditioners that is Sulphate and Paraben Free (as well as a good Protein based treatment like Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor or Redken Cat Treatment, if you have Relaxed or Texlaxed hair) Protein treatment is very important for people with Chemically Relaxed or Coloured hair because it helps to restore strength and integrity that has been lost due to broken bonds within the hair cortex.

Regular Hot Tools; This is one of the high causes of hair breakage. If you are an addict to hot styling tools then it might be time to decide if you want long and healthy hair or short, dry and damaged hair. Hot styling tools include blowdryiers, flat irons and curling irons. Does this mean you can not use any of these tools? Of course not, it is impossible to avoid them all together, but you will need to use with caution and Not frequently. We recommend allowing your hair to Air Dry as often as possible after washing, this will allows your hair to soak up moisture and stay healthy and strong in the long run. If you must use a hot styling tool, ensure to apply a Heat Protector spray or serum to your hair when wet before blowdrying,

If you are doing all of the above but still dealing with hair breakage or hair loss, please see a Doctor for more accurate diagnosis.


8. Feb, 2016

After a long and intense research on How to Grow Long and Beautiful African Hair, we have been able to create a secret recipe that will grow all African hair types faster and thicker. We are aware of the disappointment a lot of people have encountered trying to find that right product that can give them their dream hair, so we want to congratulate you for finally finding us and taking the step to give our Secret Recipe a try. No doubt you will not only see fast results from our product, but you will also share the secret with your friends!

Here are the Do's and Don'ts While Using Our Secret Recipe for maximum result....

Here we go!.

Step One:

Section hair in small portions with a tale comb or sectioning comb. Apply fast hair growth recipe on scalp and hair shaft, apply throughout entire hair and scalp. Afterwards, massage your scalp for atleast 30 seconds. Repeat this application technique 2-3 days every each week. FOR DRY HAIR & SCALP, APPLY 4-5 DAYS EVERY EACH WEEK.

For Virgin Hair Types (Spray Bottle Required)

Section hair in four places, using clean and fresh water from your Spray Bottle, Spritz some water on each section of hair to moisten hair. Apply our fast hair growth recipe onto hair and scalp section by section throughout your entire hair, then massage scalp for 30 seconds.


Chemically treated hair requires keratin (protein) treatment once or twice every month. This is because hair loses it's natural keratin (Protein) during a chemical process. Loss of natural hair protein causes hair to weaken and break easily when stretched or pulled and as a result cause severe damage to hair and affecting hair growth. So always ensure to carry out protein treatments every each month using products like Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor or Redken Cat Treatment. Always apply a Leave-in conditioner after a protein treatment to  replenish hair with moisture. Application of HJorganic Secret Recipe should be carried out 2-3 days every each week on clean and dry hair and scalp on Chemically treated hair types.

Step Two:

Avoid frequent use of harsh Chemical products. This includes sulphate shampoos, harsh Chemical Relaxers and harsh Styling Products. Instead select Shampoos and Conditioners that are free of Sulphate and Paraben as it is more gentle on the hair, and use Relaxers that are gentle on the hair. Relaxing of hair.should be done 2 or 3 times a year. For occasional deep cleansing, use a regular sulphate shampoo to remove product buildup from hair. Ensure to use a  Leave-in Conditioner afterwards to restore moisture.

Step Three:

Avoid hair styles that pull tightly on your Roots or Edges. This is very important to note, your hair MUST be treated gently while using our fast hair growth recipe. Tight styles like ghana weaves, big heavy braids, tight corn-rows and the likes on a regular basis is NOT recommended when growing out your hair with fast hair growth recipe. These kinds of hairstyle usually cause Alopecia or early balding  when done consistently over a long period.

Step Four:

Avoid frequent use of  flat-iron, blowdryer and curling-iron. Too much use of heat styling causes hair to become extremely dry, brittle and suceptible to breakage. Instead always opt for the option of Air-Drying as much as possible.


Step Five:

Avoid manuplating or frequently stressing your hair out. This includes combing hair frequently, pulling on your hair obsessively, using harsh styling products like Gels or Hairsprays to manipulate your hair. This can stress your hair out which can cause breakage and affect growth.

Always use a wide tooth comb when combing hair and ensure to comb hair gently starting from tips to roots. You can also finger comb hair gently to detangle if you require extra gentleness for your hair.

Ensure to wear protective and gentle styles when wearing your hair. Also hair Must be well protected every night prior to sleeping. 


Step Six

Always apply a Leave-in Conditioner to your hair after shampooing and conditioning, then allow your hair to Air-dry. Afterwards apply our fast hair growth secret recipe as prescribed above.


We wish you all the best in your fast hair growth journey with HJorganic!

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