Frequestly Asked Questions

Q; How do I apply the Recipe?

A; Section your entire hair with a tale come in small portions, apply on scalp and hair shaft. After applying, massage for 60 seconds and style


Q; Should I apply on wet or dry hair

A; Apply only on dry hair


Q; How long will it take me to see result

A; As early as 3 weeks of usage, depending on the state of your hair.


Q;How often should the Recipe be applied

A; Apply 3 days every week (for example Monday-Thursday-Sunday)


Q; I relax my hair, can I still use your recipe?

A; Definitely, our recipe can be applied on chemically relaxed hair and Virgin Natural hair, just make sure that your relaxer is gentle and mild while growing out your hair with our recipe.


Q; What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner can I use while growing my hair?

A; We recommend sulphate and paraben free Shampoos and Conditioner, to keep your hair smooth and silky.